LogiVote VRM

Application for Winners

We Have a System that Helps You Win the Next Elections

We’ve taken over 20 years of experience and put it into a system that helps you stay in control of your campaign and get voters to the polls on election day.

You're here because you want to win a political campaign. After 20 years of experience with election systems and studying numerous political campaigns, we know what differentiates the winners from the losers in elections.
That's why our software focuses on the factors that make a difference and provides a comprehensive package to help you win your upcoming elections.

And now for the interesting part... how do we do it?

Direct Contact with the Field

Your on-the-ground power

Direct and personal contact with your supporters is often key to winning elections. Such contact has many advantages, but we understand that the larger the campaign, the harder it is to maintain direct contact with tens of thousands of voters. This is where our activists' app comes in. You recruit your first 50 supporters, whom you know personally and keep in constant contact with. Each of them recruits another 50 activists who believe in your path, and then they recruit another 50 each, and so on. In no time, you’ve created a network of activists who are in direct contact with your supporters and will ensure they vote for you.

Here are just some of the advantages of personal contact (yours or your activists’) with supporters:

- Everything is done with a lot of trust - there’s a significant difference between hearing something on Facebook or having your neighbor of 10 years tell you about it.

- Encouragement on Election Day - a friend saying, "Let's go vote together" significantly differs from a politician popping up on Facebook and telling you to vote.

- Mapping + Increasing Data - Your data is important and will help you understand where to allocate your management resources to increase your chances of winning.

- The ability to neutralize bad campaigns - A competitor ran a false campaign against you? No problem, your activists will ensure their friends know it's a lie.

All this and much more can be managed through the app, so you and your headquarters always know what's happening in real-time.

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Website, Landing Pages and Digital Forms

Building pages for every need

Some things are simply a must. We want to make it easier for you, so instead of using external software, you can create your campaign's landing pages within our system. That’s not all; you can add parameters to the forms on landing pages or create automation for sending messages behind the scenes - but more on that later.

Connecting to Your Social Media Networks

Get new perceptions from social interactions

Do you have a campaign running on Facebook, Google, or anywhere else and still want everything to flow into our management system? No problem, a simple API connection, and all the data will transfer automatically to our system, allowing you to use it however you like.

In-Depth Understanding of Your Voters

Conducting Electorate Surveys

As we said, the field speaks, and we should listen. Therefore, one of the important functions of the system is surveys.
Through the system, you can send your activists a survey with one question, three questions, or 20 questions to receive real-time responses, analyze them, and adjust your policy accordingly.
We help our clients create surveys that get a very high response rate.

We Also Have a Call Center Management App

To call, to map and to know your crowd better

Everyone knows that a great way to stay in touch with your supporters is through volunteers who call them.
They will ensure they support you or ask them questions to help you and your headquarters understand your voters better.
Every piece of data or response from the surveyed person is updated in real-time within our system, so you know at the click of a button whether your supporter answered the call or not, what they answered the questions, and exactly who spoke with them.

Send Messages to Your Supporters in Any Way Possible

Spreading your message anywhere

We understand your goal is to win, which is why with us, you can send messages to your activists through the system via email, regular SMS, and WhatsApp messages.
All with a click of a button. You can send surveys, encouragement messages, invitations to house meetings/conferences, organize events for your activists, or anything you wish.

Upload Your Data - We’ll Provide Conclusions Leading to Victory

Another crucial point when wanting to win elections is analyzing the existing data and any data accumulated during the campaign, and, of course, maximizing it.
With proper data analysis of your activists, you will understand if your support level has increased or decreased following a particular action you took.
With our advanced (yet straightforward to operate) settings, you can display various data at your headquarters that will help you understand the big picture and what additional actions are needed to win.

Dashboards That Put Control in Your Hands

Yes, we know. You want all the information in a convenient, easy, and graphical way that helps you see the trends you’re looking for.
That's why all our dashboards are designed to be easily changeable by you at any given moment and will help you and your headquarters see the picture you want to see at that moment.
(Note for us - maybe include some pre-made dashboards that usually show the desired data like support percentage, etc.)

Recruitment and Management System

Automate your workforce management

As an end-to-end solutions provider for anyone who runs any type of election campaign, YayaSoft provides in LogiVote VRM utilities for managing the employees pool, including the collection of bank account and other required personal details, digitally signing employer-employee contracts, setting shift procedures, staffing, and distribution of work arrangement.

On Election Day

The game-changer in action

And now, the crucial part of the campaign - Election Day.

The goal of Election Day is to bring as many supporters to the polling stations as possible. When we developed the Election Day apps, we had one goal:
to create something that would be a game-changer and help our clients stay constantly aware of what’s happening on the ground and also be able to bring more of their supporters to vote.

You’ve spent about four months building your entire setup, and now everything culminates in one day where you need to get the most out of your activists, know what’s happening on the ground in real time, and manage everything from one place that gives you all the data you need in a simple way to conclude.

Here’s how we do it:

Ballot Observers App

Your eyes on the polling stations

This is how you keep your finger on the pulse.
In every place where the party or candidate has the right to place an observer at the polling station, you can insert your representative, and with our representatives app, they can update you on who came to vote, and immediately the system will tell you whether they are your supporter or not.
If you have an observer at the polling station, you must give them the ability to report who came to vote or what problems occur at the polling station so that the system reflects your supporters' voting percentage online.
This way, you will always know where to direct your management resources on Election Day to win.

Activist App on Election Day

Mobilize your voters to the polls

So, you have 500 activists or 5,000,000? Great, no doubt! And what if each of them told you they would ensure about 20 supporters vote on Election Day?

With the app, they will always know who came to vote and whom they need to contact to ensure they come to vote.
Additionally, you will know in real-time which activist said they’d bring 20 and has so far brought only 1 or who has already brought all 20 they promised.
This way, the team responsible for mobilization will work efficiently only on the supporters who haven’t yet voted.

Be the First to Know the Actual Results

Take a breath, Election Day is over.
The vote counting has begun, and it’s time to hear the results from the field.

Your representative at the polling station can report the counting results in real-time, how many votes you and your competitors have, and even photograph the counting protocol in the app.

More Tools - Additional capabilities for our customers

External Data Import Tool

Lots of data, One place

The system affords easy operation of importing data from an external system and integrating it with the existing repository in the system. You can set LogiVote VRM dynamic fields to suit every type of external database field so that those fields will receive the supplemental data.

The upload is of XLS files or CSV format and allows the dynamic structure of the fields without a predetermined order. After mapping the fields in the uploaded file against the system fields, LogiVote performs field integrity checks and produces accurate reports on problems found in the uploaded file that requires attention.


Automate your data input

LogiVote APIs allow complete continuous integration between the VRM and external systems. This includes a link to mailing systems, social networks, BI systems and customer internal systems.

The API also supports adding and updating voters' details, adding activities and more. Using the API enables two-way data flow and facilitates extended smart analysis of the data collected from sources used by any candidate, party or non-political organization working on the system.

Data Security

Protect your knowledge with our tools

Stored on secured servers, LogiVote provides few layers of security. All users operate under an authorization profile that is configured to grant specific permissions for each action required by their tasks. Each action is monitored to protect the organization's data and only reveals data that help users perform their task. Access to predefined population data is limited so that local activists can view and manage only the information relevant to their population and tasks.

LogiVote also supports 2-step login verification and in cases of working from specific ranges of IP addresses, such as party headquarters, access to the system can be limited to those specific addresses.

LogiVote has been extensively tested by several cyber security companies, using breakthrough penetration tests, and successfully passed all of these tests.

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What our customers say about LogiVote VRM

Our Agenda and why personal contact is a necessity for democracy

In a Nutshell

A thorough supporters mapping throughout the time before elections is the key to success in the ballots. According to our approach, when election day comes, only pre-identified Supporters will be contacted to make sure they cast their ballot.

When a candidate is running for office or a party running in an election, they use two arms to map their followers and convince others to support them:

  • Digital media (news sites, social networks, landing pages, etc.)
  • The field (recruiting supporters by activists, in meetings and so forth)

The campaign strategy is conducted by different and varied means in each of the arms. The advantage of the digital media arm is that it exposes the messages to a large population. Its disadvantage lies in being inaccurate and not really creating inseparable connections with the electorate. It habitually also carries negative messages about competitors' campaigns, which might turn it messy and one that people find difficult to identify with.

The power of the Field Arm is in the unmediated relationship with the electorate, creating a strong engagement eventually translated into voting on election day.

How to set up the field headquarters using LogiVote VRM

In a Few Sentences

Our commitment to LogiVote customers not only helps them win the upcoming elections but also equips them with tools for success the day after. We're preparing their next campaign toward victory.

Every political candidate or party who wants to win elections has to build a branch of vigorous field personnel. Everything you put into this unit is critical to winning the election, and important also to the success of the significant work that follows.

Setting up this field operation requires preparations and investment of resources. To that end, we have shared at no cost a summary of the highlights of our programme to help you build, improve and extend your operation's field arm.

Who can benefit from LogiVote VRM?

Many! - Check It Out

LogiVote VRM is intended for continuous use or for a specified time slot (such as an election period), for political parties and non-politically affiliated organizations that need to maintain accurate and continuous contact with the electorate or their customers. The system is designed to allow its customers, and customers' activists, to work from anywhere simply and efficiently, even without prior experience with the various applications.

In the political arena, LogiVote VRM features can be beneficial for mayoral candidates - whether running on behalf of a party or as independents, people running for regional councils and various offices, as well as for parties running local or national campaigns and individual parliamentary candidates.

When it comes to potential benefits for non-political activities, the system is used to operate projects in NGOs and charities or for fundraising. It is also valuable during specific activities in different areas such as candidates running for positions in labor unions, municipal coordination of on-site welfare services in the face of needy populations or civic engagement activities led by advocacy groups.