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LogiVote Digital Voting

Vote Securely on Any Topic, Anytime, Anywhere

Digital elections are the ultimate solution to the realization of democratic principles. Making it happen is our specialty.

Our easy-to-use secure systems allow voters to cast the ballot in any vote center, at any given time during election day, and provide all the needed information on voting issues.

LogiVote offers a solution suitable for any political and non-political organization including workers unions, parties or grassroots. It is used not only for electoral needs but also for opinion polls and referendums.

This solution combines several systems to provide a solution for any kind of elections - from the use of physical on-the-ground voting stations, with or without polling day staff, to online voting via mobile phones and personal devices at home.

We provide a management system to the Central Election Committee for monitoring everything before and during election day, including equipment deployment, personnel arrival and the actual ballot casting process. With over 900 digital elections extensive experience, we’re able to adapt the system to different needs and efficiently implement a democratic process with secure advanced technological tools.

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LogiVote Digital Voting

Pre-Election Information Website

Long before election day, a pre-election website provides important comprehensive information about the entire electoral procedure. This site can be available to voters from the moment elections are declared to guide them in all aspects of the election process.

The site details candidates' profiles (including their photos) and their agenda or a description of issues the vote is about. It also presents the election regulations and statutory notices, elections timetable, clear instructions on how to vote and a Frequently Asked Questions section.

In the Personal Area on the site, voters will receive specific information on voting eligibility, be able to submit a digital nomination form for running for any available position and, if necessary, appeal election proceedings including uploading necessary documents.

Throughout election day, the site may include up to the moment information on voter turnout and ultimately, the results can be conveyed to the public through the same website.

LogiVote provides the central election committee with an online management system to digitally coordinate issues that come up along the way and to record every request addressed to the committee along with the response given.

By providing clear information to the public, we offer a proven way to improve voter confidence in digital voting and through it, increase voter turnout.

Presentation of
Voter Turnout

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LogiVote Digital Voting

Digital Voting System

The digital voting system allows voters to cast a ballot on a variety of topics and choose their favorite among a number of candidates, right from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Our platform is a complete solution for computerized election day(s), suitable for all types of elections - elections with polling stations without the need of any operator, or elections with a ballot committee that uses a computerized electoral roll and controls several voting booths.

The system's eVoting version allows any voter with internet access who uses a personal computer or a portable device to enter the organization's online voting system and vote. Voters can take part in the activity any time they want, even over a time span of several days, determined by the organization's requirements.

Voters' Identification

Computerized voting consists of two phases: digital identification of voters and then, the voting process itself. The first stage is carried out by identification in the Ballot Committee System, which can contain various means of identification including biometric components, or by a secret code sent to the voter in advance and must be entered on the opening screen. All along the way, the voters' data remains stored on a separate server, with no connection to the content of their votes.

Voting Process

Once identified, voting screens contain:

  • The issue at stake in voting
  • Voting instructions - The number of the candidates, or options, to mark
  • A list of candidates and their photos. When delivered from the Election Committee, voters can also read, on this screen, the agenda of each candidate by clicking on a special button next to the image.
    At that point, voters make their actual selection.
  • Review of the selection for reconsideration before confirmation
  • "Submit" next to "Fix" buttons

The system supports holding elections that require voting on several issues, or roles, in the same single election process.

User Interface

The user interface of the voting system is characterized and designed by our UX (user experience) experts, with an emphasis on making it uncomplicated. It clearly displays candidates' images and the issues on the ballot, presents simple unmistakable voting instructions and shows the choices marked by the voter alongside voting status till ballot submission. This design lets any voter, of any age, to vote simply and intuitively using touch screens or standard screens. We also made sure the system includes a variety of components that make voting accessible to voters with a range of disabilities.

System Security & Survivability

LogiVote Digital Voting system includes security mechanisms and measures to ensure survivability and maintain system reliability. It combines encryption of voting data, digital signatures for transmitted information, using data modification check models, synchronization processes for cases of communication breakdowns at a local network, retaining voting information on a local ballot device and when needed, simultaneous online transmission to remote server farms.

Facilitators can hook up printers to obtain on-paper copies of the entire computerized vote (with no voter details attached), which provides audit trails and creates transparency and trust among the public. Apart from that, we're able to ensure that the voting process will produce copies of each data point, both electronic and paper-based, to create audit trails that cannot be bypassed.

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LogiVote Digital Voting

eVoting - The Internet Voting System

LogiVote's eVoting system is a web-based voting system. It provides any organization with the opportunity to establish a unique voting system for its needs. It then allows round-the-clock log on to that designated voting system for any voter with Internet access, and that election activity can last several days, as pre-defined by the ordering organization.

eVoting uses a responsive interface, therefore suitable for access from any device. The voter’s username for access to the system is made using any unique identifier stated in the Election By-Law, such as ID, Social Security Number or Employee Number at the workplace in question. To enter, each holder of a voting right needed a secret password, which he would receive via Email or text message sent to the mobile phone number that was set for the voter in the system in advance.
The system performs a monitoring process throughout election day (or days) and maintains a log of each voter’s behavior, such as voting-start and end status or abandonment of voting procedures after logging in.

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Secrecy of
the Ballot

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Ballot Committee System

The Ballot Committee System is a computerized electoral register designed for polling officials to provide identification of voters before directing them to one of the polling booths set up in the room. The system also facilitates managing the digital voting process in every polling place. The advantage such system affords is that it allows the vote at any voting site anywhere without the fear of duplicate voting.

Voter identification is carried out by any document supported by the election regulations, with the option of identification according to a smart certificate or biometric identification.

The system records the voters who came to any polling station for voting, and upon completion of each single voting process, marks every one of those voters with a "voted" status in the electronic poll book.

The system allows one Ballot Committee to simultaneously operate up to 50 voting screens and manage the queue of people waiting for their turn to vote once a voting booth is vacated. This is with the intention that the process of directing voters to booths will not be delayed because of the identification process.

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of Election Results

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Election Project Control System

In order to successfully run a computerized election operation, a logistics, hardware, and personnel management system is highly needed. During election day, the Election Project Control system enables online management of logistical aspects of deployment teams and ballot committees' tasks, receiving employee arrival notices from the sites they are supposed to work on, and information about the distribution of computing equipment early in the morning, confirmation that this kit is serviceable and collecting it at the end of the day.

Throughout the whole voting day, the system generates reports and online viewing of the situation in every single local election committee and voting site. Dashboards provide the central election committee up-to-the-minute details on voter turnout at a national level, provincial level, locality and community level, together with information regarding specific polling centers, up to the status in a single voting screen. This includes warning signals about inactive, possibly malfunctioning, polling units.

We always adapt the system to any type of elections and depending on its scope, give the heads of the central election committee control and smart management tools to fit their needs.

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No Human Intervention
in the Vote Counting Process

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System Demonstration & Training

Preparing election day workers to fill out their duties on that crucial day requires guidance and training. With extensive experience in large resource-intensive projects, LogiVote has the knowledge and skills needed for developing precise training sets for any type of election.

The instructions include drawings showing the exact location where each item should be placed on the voting site and pictures of what it should look like.

For training and guidance, we also use a simulation system that accurately replicates a full election day and allows gaining valuable perceptions of the operation in advance, to the satisfaction of the election organizers.

Believing that investment in training is the key to an organization's success in running election day, we conduct online lessons in accordance with the schedule set by the customer that ordered our service and, when necessary, on-site tutoring as well.

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Easy Monitoring
and Control

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Facilitating Many Services

While providing highly secured and custom-designed solutions to meet specific needs, we serve all voting types: for effective internal decision making in different organizations, selecting employees' representatives for labor unions, primaries in political parties and also municipal or even nationwide general elections.

The solution includes a logistics management system for managing the operation in all voting centers, which allows the Central Election Committee to monitor everything before and during election day, both logistically (such as anything related to equipment deployment and arrival of appropriate personnel) and in relation to the actual ballot casting process. Our service also includes hardware-intensive election projects involving large-scale personnel and logistics management.

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