LogiVote Pre-Election

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LogiVote Pre-Election System

Providing Info, Affecting Decisions

Voting right holders who know more about upcoming elections are more likely to take an active part in the electoral process. With that in mind, as part of the LogiVote platform, we build websites that contain important factual information about our customers' elections. Whether they are held digitally, using voting screens or online, and even prior to old-fashioned paper ballot elections, the Pre-Election sites can be of major help either way. Covering all aspects of the electoral process, these sites are open to voters from the moment elections are declared to prepare them toward making their choice.

Details include candidate profiles (including their photos) and their agenda, or a description of issues the vote is about, voting hours and location of voting centers, clear instructions on how to cast the ballot and a Frequently Asked Questions section. At the voter's Personal Area in the site, voters can present their candidacy when they're eligible, as well as appeal election procedures (in cases of voter registration errors for instance) and can also track various payments they made as needed.

The site also serves as a management system for the election committee, providing the ability to digitally manage a transparent nomination process, as well as all appeals filed through it concerning non-provision of voting right or on voting area issues.

When election day finally arrives, the site is used to publish calls to come to vote together with the latest turnout in each voting area. At the end of the day, the site displays the results in accordance with the election laws, presenting information in the context of each candidate or topic that was on the agenda, along with all sorts of statistics.

Voting & Elections General Information

General information presented on the site allows voting right holders to understand when elections are held, where and how to cast their vote.

A schedule appearing on the site details all milestones of the electoral framework: the date of the electoral register publication, the point in time for appeals submission on issues related to the voter registration lists, the period specified for nomination submission and, of course, the time when election results will be published.

Voter's Personal Area

The Personal Area in the system is designed to allow voters to perform actions they are entitled to, as part of the election procedure, in accordance with election rules.

In the personal area, each of the voters is presented a list of voting topics on which they must make a decision in the election process - the so-called "Election Profile". An Election Profile is the suitable solution for elections where there are representatives for every sector of voters and every voter, who belongs to a particular sector, selects only representatives for his sector.

Through the Personal Area, those who are entitled to vote may check whether their voter registration is up-to-date, to make sure they can vote on Election Day, and file digital appeals in cases of alleged errors in their Election Profile. This appeal, filed directly to the Election Committee, can be backed up with supporting documents attached via the site. Another part of the Personal Area enables all those eligible to apply for any available elective office.

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Apply for an Elective Office

The process of submitting nominations for elected positions, just as candidacy approval by the committee, is carried out in the LogiVote Pre-Election system in a fully digital method.

In accordance with the rules set by the Election Committee, voters can apply for positions by filling out identifying information in a digital form, embedding a photo, writing on their agenda and adding links to the websites or pages they maintain on social networks.

Through its management system, the election committee then reviews the submitted applications and approves qualified candidates to appear in the ballot. All approved candidates will appear immediately on the site, for voters scrutiny even before voting begins. Candidate details remain accessible in the voting system even afterward, during the election time, so that each voter can become well acquainted with the candidates and make a more accurate selection.

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Candidates Showcase

A virtual showcase of candidates and their personal agenda allows all voters to know the people they are going to vote for. This way, they can reconsider, perhaps refine, their preferences long before reaching the polling booth.

On a page organized by pictures of candidates next to their names, site visitors can find detailed statements provided by each nominee along with their credentials and personal goals planned for their time in office.

Payment Transaction Processing

LogiVote Pre-Elections system allows credit card details collection and clearance for various services such as paying party registration fees or whenever a payment is required while applying for elected positions.

Once a transaction is approved, the system immediately generates receipts and automatically sends them to the people who made the payments. Those receipts, and a record of payments made by that person, are later available in his Personal Area on the site.

When it comes to a political party or any other organization that uses LogiVote VRM as its voter management system, any voter's payment made in the Pre-Election system is also reachable via the CRM voter card. This interface between the systems allows in practice full management of all the information on digital election voters through a single system.

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Election Committee Management

LogiVote Pre-Election provides a complete management tool for administering the election committee’s work. This is done while maintaining full transparency at every phase of its proper management with full documentation of all actions taken by the committee.

The management system is an integral part of the informative website, enabling voters' appeals review mechanism, updating the poll book, approving nominations and making legal issues changes.

On Election Day

On Election Day, the site presents data related to the progress of the voting process itself, including the overall electoral turnout, voter participation rates in the different polling areas and the time left till balloting ends.

After completion of the voting process and election committee approval, the final results are presented graphically. In addition, each candidate can then be tracked together with the number of votes won or, when applicable, the level of support for each issue in question. Thus, all voting data is presented in a detailed and at the same time, clear manner.

Bringing a Remedy to Nowadays Democracy Challenges

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While offering straightforward information on upcoming elections, the LogiVote Pre-Election system presents a remedy for today's widespread problem of a genuine lack of knowledge, among those who are eligible to vote, on what or who they're supposed to vote for. Researches indicate twenty-first-century people tend not to delve into what might be perceived as the "small details" of a candidate's priorities or party's action plan, and thus they are influenced by information provided them by sometimes unreliable sources, such as colleagues or family members, who may have received this information themselves from a completely dubious origin.

This situation, in which there is no reliable information, leads to a lack of interest in the electoral process and therefore low turnout at the ballots, or alternatively, no less devastatingly, to herd voting. At that point, when the system strengthens people's knowledge and understanding of the democratic process, not only does LogiVote leads to improved trust in the democratic system and a positive change in the electoral process, but ultimately it leads to a greater voter turnout.

Who Can Find the System Extremely Useful?

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LogiVote Pre-Election can be useful for any organization, political party, or even a country that wants to hold digital elections and allow voters a credible and transparent process. This system's features can contribute to improving the democratic electoral process even when holding traditional paper ballot elections.

Parties, and also non-politically affiliated associations, use the system for census of members and new-members registration. A political party that uses LogiVote VRM to manage its data along with the Pre-Election site to make early contact with voters, will gain more efficient and broader use of the system's overall voter management capabilities - from responding to requests made through the website to streamlining ongoing maintenance of relationships with the electors and faster responses to their diverse inquiries.